June 25, 2009

Kickin' it Abe Lincoln style

Really I don't know what it is about this blog but it seems that each time I write about an inanimate object, that object then retaliates. I didn't even say anything mean about our Air Conditioner, I just mentioned it in one of my posts. Maybe it is just shy and doesn't like to be talked about in front of a crowd of the like 25 people who read this blog. I don't know what I did to the A/C, but I do know is that it sucked when it stopped working yesterday at 4:38 in the 1,000 degree afternoon.

At 4:39 I called my husband to let him know our house was possessed. These kinds of phone calls are not rare and I'm not sure he believed me because I don't think he believes more than 27% of what I say. I'm sort of the wife who cried wolf on about 300 different things - but this was real!

I was minding my own business being the best mom ever making spaghetti and banana bread and I noticed some really odd things happening around me.

Everything in our house seemed to be only 1/2 working. I noticed I was getting really hot but I heard the A/C running so I assumed I was warm from all the cheffing up of dinner I was doing. When I opened the fridge I thought the light looked to be a bit dim, but I don't cook a lot so I figured I just didn't know the true color. Next I noticed that the TV had sound only but no picture (I'm super observant - that TV had been on for quite awhile) and then I realized that although my stove said it was hot, it had been like 30 minutes since I had started the water to boil for the pasta and nothing was happening. I'm no Julia Childs but I know that the water should be at least warm at that point. A check of the microwave showed that it was only working at like 15% of its regular power. My phone started ringing but when I picked it up it was dead.

Okay this was all so strange - but SWEEEET, mommy didn't have to cook dinner. I'm definitely not good enough to come up with something for my kiddos to eat if we have only part of a microwave, 1/2 an oven, a non working stove and no telephone to order take out.

Hubby came home, confirmed that I was in fact not insane, which was a huge relief. Does this happen to you? You tell your husband that your car is making a weird noise and have begged him to listen to it for like a week because it is driving you crazy - then he drives it and nada - no noise? Those kinds of things happen to me at least 3 times a day. I feel like I'm getting Punk'd on a regular basis.

These occurrences were verified as bizarre and legit by him. However, he decided it was a "brown out" due to the excessive heat and not a ghost like I had hypothesized from some quick internet research using the last minutes of my computer battery and stolen wireless from my neighbor. We gathered the kiddos up and headed out to dinner. The kids were great during dinner and it was really fun family time. They actually both said they were tired and wanted to go right to bed when we got home - these things NEVER happen! What a perfect night!

We got home and realized the electricity issue had gotten even weirder and to make a long story short, we basically had none. We snuggled the kiddos into bed and then stared at each other. What does one do without a computer, TV and light? Obviously there is only one thing to do...

We played Scrabble by candlelight! As my husband says, we kicked it Abe Lincoln style. It was so much fun and a good reminder to us to take time to reconnect like this.

My husband won the first game and I won the second. Now if he reads this blog, I can tell you he will make some lame comment about how my "win" was not legit. But let me just tell you that it was an absolute accident and not in any way intentional when my foot hit the board and knocked all the letters off one moment after I took the lead in the game. I do not care that he next planned to put down a the word "zealot" on a triple word score - that does NOT count since the game was toppled onto the floor before he could do so. And my foot knocking the board over does not constitute a forfeit - that is just crazy talk. He is a sore loser!!!

I clearly have some left over anger issues from his suggestion that my involuntary foot jerk was anything other than an accident. Maybe kicking it Abe Lincoln style isn't as good for us as I thought. Now that our power is back on we should probably continue to veg out in front of the TV. That might be better for our marriage.

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