March 28, 2011

KU/VCU the good and the bad

How KU's loss to VCU affects me:
As you may remember I have an amazing ability to make everything about me.  It is a gift really. But the horribly upsetting loss to VCU yesterday is affecting me in many ways - both good and bad.

1) Mopey Husband. The thing I hate even more than KU losing is the way it makes my husband mope around. I did ask and it will apparently take about four days for him to get over it.  He said by Wednesday he will be able to not think about it every other thought.  So that is good, looking forward to having him back.

2) For Sale House Love. Spring Break last weekend and KU this weekend, our poor house FOR SALE had no chance.  Now that it all over, just as I thought, we already have a few showings lined up this week. Let the bidding war begin!

3) Cleaned up Husband.  Admittedly he is definitely not one of those who has a standing haircut appointment every 4 weeks - but he was getting a bit scruffy lately - even for him.  I hadn't said anything and was probably about a week away from doing so when yesterday after the game yesterday he announced that he can now get his haircut.  Okay, great. Wait, huh? 

4) New House Love.  The kids bathroom in the new house has this ugly vanity with those Hollywood lights going up and over the entire thing.  E loves it and she is going to be sooo mad at me when she finds out my plans for that spot. Please don't tell her. I don't plan to until it is already done.  I'm sneaky like that.

Not only is it ugly, I find it to be dangerous.  It is a little desk surrounded in lightbulbs that I know my kids will either break and slice open lots of body parts or burn the heck out of themselves on - who thought that was a good plan?  Anyway, the hubs has agreed to tear that out and add shelves in their place - but he couldn't do it this past weekend because of the game. So next weekend the hammers start swinging! Woo Hoo! I can get abnormally excited about storage space, it excites me in ways it just shouldn't.

If we are keeping track here, it seems there are more good things about KU losing than bad.  But I'd trade it all and take a KU victory just to have the uber happy husband.  Awwww.

March 22, 2011

I'm baaaack!!!

So yeah my hiatus was more like a pregnancy.  Nooo, I'm not pregnant I just could have had a baby in the amount of time I was away from blogging.  Did you miss me?                        


Ahem, okay I get that. There were like 2 people who read this blog and I'm sure they moved on just fine without the daily chaos that I call my life.

When we last visited the Robin's Nest, E was starting Kindergarten and Robin was starting a new job.  Fast forward to now and E is almost out of school for the summer and Robin's (that would be me, why am I talking in the third person?) job seems to be coming to an end.  Unfortunately I was told I will not have a paycheck after May.  I'm a cool nice person and all but I am just not going to be able to work for free - especially considering we own two houses.  Oh, did I not mention that?  Yeah, we bought a new house about six weeks ago. Our current hosue is on the market, wanna buy it?

This isn't an oficial post, I just wanted to say I'm baaack - I'm picturing it in that creepy Jack Nicholson way from the Shining.  Who knows why.  I clearly didn't get un-weird during my hiatus.

Stay tuned for some good times!