June 23, 2009

I'm Stealing It #4

Oh my Lord, it is literally 375 degrees today. We just turned on our A/C a few days ago because my husband and I were playing a game to see how long we could go without it. Our house has an attic fan and so we can go longer without A/C than most people. Last year we made it until the weekend of the 4th of July. This year, not so much.

My husband came home to find me cleaning a bathroom and dripping sweat. He looked at our thermostat and it was 88 degrees in our house. He admitted defeat and asked me why the heck I was cleaning in such conditions. Because I'm stubborn, duh - I wanted to beat last year's record of July 4th. But that really has absolutely nothing to do with the idea that I'm stealing...

Did you notice that once you had kids your life got stickier? My husband has done some very scientific calculations and from what he can tell our life is 142% stickier than it used to be. I'm not a huge fan of sticky and so I am the mean mom who doesn't let her children have lollipops (although my friend Lindsey turned me on to lollipops that are like sweet tarts, no mess. They rule). One day my father in law took the kids to Sam's and then dropped them off at our house with a bag of 10,000 lollipops or something insane like that. I went on and on about what a nice treat they will be when the kids go to his house and visit him. I'm sure he got suckered into buying them and I think he was trying to pawn them off on me, but I played dumb.

Even though my children can make an extra special kind of mess with them, in this kind of heat nothing beats a Popsicle. Really I can't deny my kids these cold treats even though I have a long list of reasons as to why I should:

1) Too Sticky
2) Too Gooey
3) Too Icky
4) Too Sugary
5) Too Get Everywherey

I could go on and on, but I won't because I heard this idea the other day and think it might be the answer to my problems.

A friend of mine fills up the kiddie pool in the backyard, plops the kiddos in it and then lets them munch on Popsicles until their hearts' content. When they are done, she gives them a good rinse and voila! Happy, mess free children. Love it.

On days like today when you get a 3rd degree burn from just walking to the mailbox, you can always do the same thing in the bathtub.

There you have it, one of those "wow, I'm dumb because it never crossed my mind" ideas I should have thought of on my own, and might have if it weren't for the fact that my brain is melting from the heat.

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