June 10, 2009

My Husband the Rock Star

What are you doing right now? Probably not the same thing I am. Currently I am rifling through my wardrobe looking for something funky and rock starish. Where am I going you wonder? Well to my husband's CD release party of course!

You know how you do stupid things when you are in love?

When I first started dating my husband he had a really nice guitar and just strummed it but didn't really know how to play. Being the super thoughtful girlfriend I was, I got him guitar lessons for Christmas one year. So really the only person I can blame for all of this is myself. At the time I thought it was adorable. He had the one guitar, played the same chord his teacher taught him over and over again and made up funny songs about me.

Fast forward 10 years and about 13 guitars later (not like he has gone through 13 upgrading each time, we actually own 13). I couldn't tell you the last time I watched a TV show or had a conversation without background music of whatever he feels like playing at the moment. Everywhere you turn in my house there is a guitar. He is constantly asking me if we can put those guitar holder things on the wall in our living room. I keep looking at him like he has 6 heads. Maybe I should let him because they at least the darn guitars wouldn't be underfoot at all times. But I just don't see that as the direction I want to go with our decor.

His favorite place to leave them is propped up against the edge of the couch. At least once a day a child knocks one over onto the floor. I laugh the smallest laugh on the inside when that happens. If they were put away in their proper home in the basement these things wouldn't happen.

We have lived in several different cities since the days of those first guitar lessons and he has left many bands in his wake. Now that we have settled in the place we plan to be forever, he has formed a band that is serious. Well as serious as you can get when you practice about 3 times per month. As much as it drives me crazy when he comes home at 3AM from a gig, I gotta say I think the Also Rans are really good and they have made a name for themselves around here. My husband is actually the lead singer which is funny because until that happened, I didn't even know he sang.

Clearly being rock stars is not their primary source of income or really any source of income. They all work really hard in their day jobs and it is a great way for them to let off steam but I always thought it was just kind of a hobby. That is until one evening we had this conversation:

D: "If we got signed to a label and had to go on tour, would you and the kids go on the tour bus with me when school was out?"

ME: "Um, let's cross that bridge when we need to sweetie."

I need to keep in mind that he is the one (along with 2 other members of the band) who owns a company that directs and produces music videos, so obviously he knows more about that stuff than I do. Shows you how much I know. I wasn't even aware that the major labels were itching to sign a bunch of 30 something dads with gray hair.

I've discussed this with the other wives. We want to be supportive. They are allowed to tour as long as they are not gone for more than 2 days at a time, don't go further than Omaha and don't get tattoos.

Really, I'm not trying to sound negative. Like I said, I think they are really good and it is great that they have so much fun with it. And to be honest, it is kind of hot to see your husband as the lead singer of a band. I think the issues all lie with me. Seriously, what do I wear to a CD release party that the entire city has been invited to? Hurriedly combing Play Doh out of my hair and rubbing a combo of soap and water to erase a marker stain on my shirt as I run out the door after tucking two children in bed doesn't really scream rock star's wife, does it?

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  1. Rock on! Send me a copy of the CD when you get a chance. Come on, you know you want to tour with your hubby while lugging large amounts of kids stuff with you everywhere you go. I'm sure the luxury bus the label will provide for the band will be kid friendly ;)


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