June 4, 2009

Needing to channel my mother

It's days like today when I wish I were my mother, or really I just wish that she lived next door to me instead of 5 hours away. This weekend we have two fancy schmancy parties to go to - clearly adults only. So excited! The last time I saw my rockstar/advertising/production company owning husband in a suit two days in a row was probably when we got married 8 years ago. That was possibly also the last time he shaved twice in a row as well - of course there is no guaranteeing that he will shave both nights this weekend. But nonetheless, I'm thrilled to have two grown up nights out!

Friday night is a fundraiser at the zoo and it's attire calls for "creative black tie". Last year was our first time to attend this event and I saw that people wore a million different types of outfits ranging from tiger striped dresses to tux jackets with shorts. On several occasions throughout the year I have thought "boy I should really get on deciding on what to wear to Jazzoo next June." My plan was to get super creative this year and wear something that is distinctively "creative black tie" - um yeah, the event is tomorrow and I only have the black part down. It's not my fault this was leap year and I ran out of time.

If I were my mother, right now I would be busily sewing away at a Sequined Wilma Flintstone dress completed by pearlized dinosaur bone high heels and a purse I chiseled from a rock. This outfit would go perfectly with the actual zebra fur cummerbund and bow tie and tail I would have made for my husband. PETA people don't get upset, she probably wouldn't really kill a zebra, but she is that creative so I wouldn't put it past her either. But alas, I am not my mother and as of right now I will be wearing my lbd (little black dress for those of you who don't know).

I've got my Saturday night attire ready as the invitation to that event didn't ask for anything stressful at all - it is your run of the mill Art Institute party. I can do that. But I am feeling inadequate on Friday's outfit. Any and all suggestions are welcome here.

To make it all worse, on Saturday morning my daughter's outfit for her "garden party" fashion show is due (yes my 4 year old is taking modeling classes - more on that later). Yet again, another reason my mommy needs to live either 1) inside my brain or 2) on my street. They want the girls to be creative in their outfits - like in a real fashion show where they wear outrageous things you would never actually wear walking down the street.

I told my 4 year old daughter that and explained how we needed to do something "different" She said, "Well I could always juggle. Oh wait, but I don't know how." So much for her input on this outfit.

Again, if it were my mother I would have hand sewn a flower that started out as a closed bud and with each step a petal would open up to finally reveal a handmade shimmering bumble bee costume at the end of the runway. Me, not so much. I have been to Michael's and The Dollar Store no less than 5 times buying and exchanging flowers, hats, watering cans, you name it all in high hopes of making something creative and coming up short. Again, any and all suggestions are not only welcome, but desperately needed.

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