June 29, 2009

My son is so proud because he put his shoes on all by himself. We have no plans of going anywhere for a few hours, but he has been walking/tripping around the house with his shoes like this since early this morning. Of course will he not allow me to fix them because they were "all done myself".

While I applaud his independence I am revolted by what this is doing to my house. Yesterday we went to the Duck Derby, an outdoor festival. The event was a lot of fun but his shoes got so grimy that I am now cringing each time he takes a step. My plan was to clean those green germ/dirt carriers this morning but the little guy got to them first. Darn you Dollar General for having super cute and enticing bright green crocodile looking "frocs"! (If you don't know - "frocs" are fake Crocs.)

The good news? He has finally decided to settle in and watch a TV show, leaving my newly cleaned floor alone. The bad news? He absolutely refuses to take them off and so now the yicky is on my couch. I can't win. A stronger mother would fight the fight to get them off his feet but luckily it is the couch in the kids playroom and I don't sit there very often. I'm sure by the time I sit there the dirt will have rubbed off on my kids and I won't get any on me - and that is really what matters right?

P.S. I have to thank my new friend Tara for my pretty new blog makeover. She was so incredibly patient with me. Although I am very computer savvy as far as the things I do with my computer - with anything outside of my day to day stuff I am clueless!

Also, crazy small world story. I stumbled across Tara's website and saw that she does blog makeovers (see bottom right hand side of my blog and you can find a link to her site). I emailed her some questions on what she does and what I wanted for my blog, etc.

She wrote back and said she saw from my blog that I live in Kansas and said she used to live in Kansas - which was weird b/c she now lives in Canada. She went on to tell me about herself and one thing that she mentioned is that she does some marketing for her parents business. When I went back on her website to see the designs I could choose from for my blog, I ran across some of the ads she has done for her parents' business. The business is a place I have been to a million times - and some of you might have too. They own the great place in Shangri La on Grand Lake - Island Joe's Kentena! As usual, I'm sure I will be there many times over the summer.

I love things like that - it makes this big crazy world seem just a bit more welcoming.

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  1. Its a crazy small world out there. I was quite surprised myself and am sure I've probably been there when you have, which is much stranger than it sounds. lol

    Glad you love your new look, it looks amazing on you! lol

    Hope to meet you this summer at IJK!


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