June 22, 2009

Wine is my savior

I've always been one to enjoy a glass of wine or four. On evenings when we have a night together at home, my husband and I love to make dinner and share a bottle of wine. Those are rare occasions and it seems when those nights do come along we never have any wine in our house.

As a working mom I've had many evenings where I wanted to chug some wine but like I said we never have it on hand - and I am also not a person who wants to drink alone. I would never break open a bottle of wine by myself but of course as soon as someone walks in the door to drink it with me I'm game to get that cork out!

But now, being the cost cutting people that we are trying to turn into, my husband recently brought home one of those good box wines that are so popular now. Ours is super cute. It is shaped like a barrel and apparently holds 4.5 bottles of wine and stays tasty for 40 days which is great because that is probably how long it will take us to finish it. Seriously - GENIUS.

The only issue is, that it is always "open" and so I no longer have that "well, I can't open it by myself" voice nagging me. So one night last week after a particularly trying day when my husband was working late and after my children were in bed, I had a glass of wine by myself! I was a bit nervous that this could start a nasty habit but really it was necessary that particular evening.

I grabbed a fancy glass, filled her up, plopped down on the couch, took a sip and sooo SAD, the wine had gone bad. I was not pleased that our dumb little barrel had turned on me. All day long it had been staring at me letting me know that when the time was right, it was there ready to soothe me. But that problem solver in a bottle started laughing at me on my first sip. YUCK. I tried a few more just to make sure - nope - gone bad.

The next morning I told my husband what a jerk the wine barrel was and that our cost cutting wine plan was a bust. So he tried a small taste and said it was fine. I tried it too and he was right, it was fine. So bizarre. Apparently the best ingredient in wine is the company you are with because we had a few glasses last night and it was delicious!

Here is what I'm thinking really happened... That wine barrel knew if it tasted too yummy that might have been a slippery slope into solitary mommy tipsyness and really no one needs that. I love my little barrel, it is so considerate.

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