May 21, 2009

You won Land Cruiser

I'm sorry Land Cruiser. You won. I will not speak ill of you anymore. I see the magic powers you clearly have and now understand why Dan's family won't get rid of you. They are afraid of what you might do...

One silly light hearted blog about your not so quiet noises and exterior imperfections and you retaliate. Very creative how you acted just fine like nothing was bothering you while we headed to the airport bound for my 36 hour whirlwind work trip to Puerto Rico. So sneaky you are. I guess you needed those 36 hours to plot your revenge.

I know you just giggled about the fact that my first flight heading back was late leaving me 7 minutes to run through the world's busiest airport to get to my connecting flight. Very clever how you let me make that flight by a millisecond and then settle in comfortably and land safely in KC about 10:15 PM. Looking back now, I think I heard your snickers as I strode through the brisk night air of the airport parking lot so excited to get back home to my family. I bet you could barely contain yourself as I hopped confidently into you turned you on and NOTHING. Dead. Not a light, sound or anything.

I admit defeat. Message received. The $70 taxi cab ride home was a great incentive for me to shut my mouth. I take it all back. Dan and I will head back to the airport parking lot this morning to do whatever it is that we need to do to make you feel better and have you work for us again. I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry that happened! What a bummer. I have to be honest though, I'm having a pretty good laugh after reading your blog entry. While I'm sure it's not that funny to you now, maybe after the initial sting has worn off, you and the cruiser can be friends again. After all, it is an 18 year old car with almost 200,000 miles on it.


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