May 16, 2009

And the Worst Mom of the Year Award goes to...

Yesterday afternoon my daughter, son and I were sitting on our front porch enjoying a beautiful day and licking ice cream cones. It was one of those idyllic suburban scenes where we waved to the neighborhood folk as they walked by with their dogs or rode past on bicycles.

My daughter was snuggled up to me and we were just enjoying "being". It was a moment where I paid close attention to all the details so I can remember it forever. That is until our conversation took a turn and now I'd like to forget it all.

My daughter turned to me and said "Mom, we can't make the world a better place" surprised at that, I said "Of course we can honey" to which she responded "but it is already so great!" My heart swelled. In this horrible economic climate and unsure time, I loved her sweet and innocent look on life and I loved that she was clearly enjoying this moment as much as I was.

She continued, "Well we can make it a better place by not glittering and by turning off the water when we are brushing our teeth so we can save electricity."

She had gotten a few things mixed up there. Glittering is what she has always called littering and I'm not sure how much electricity you are saving by turning off your water, but I clearly got the idea and was so proud of her for trying to be environmentally conscious.

I thought this was a good time to take it a step further. "You know honey those are great ways to make the world a better place but there are other things we can do as well - like always be nice to other people."

She turned to me with a sincere look in her eyes, took her soft little hand and cupped my chin in a very condescending way as if to say "silly woman" and answered. "Moooom, no that is not right. We are only nice to other people so Santa Claus will bring us presents."

Apparently I've failed as a mother.

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