May 22, 2009

My car, the storage container

I guess if I have a blog I should get used to being totally open with my life. and therefore I am going to publicly share the contents of my car that I just cleaned out. I spend a lot of time complaining about my husband's hideous car but maybe I should take a look at myself and realize I'm not so perfect (okay I really have known that for quite awhile, I just forget from time to time).

In my defense, (after you read this list you'll realize I really need one), every single time I walk from my car into my house I have at least one child in my arms, a purse, and either my children's school bags and lunch boxes, or six bags of groceries. It might not be a great excuse but it is the reason that everything that goes into my car stays there until a day like today when I take the time to clean it.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this list with you. Don't blame ya. But I really think the randomness of it all makes it kind of newsworthy. Or maybe not, you decide.

Here is a totally honest list of the items I just took out of my car:
*2 1/2 pairs of children's winter boots
*11 cents
*8 jelly beans stuck to the plastic covering in the back (which can thankfully be pulled out and cleaned)
*1 Easter basket complete with grass
*1 broken kite
*1 purple fuzzy vest size 4T
*1 blue winter coat size 2T
*no less than 58 rocks. (My children are going to be geologists or at least they better be because it will make me feel better that we steal rocks from every landscaped place we patron)
*a multitude of stray Cheerios
*4 coloring books - but oddly no crayons
*1 of my husband's business cards
*1 Tupperware container filled with a piece of cake from who knows when
*3 tennis rackets, 2 in racket cases, 1 not
*1 odd looking machine type part that I cannot identify
*1 can of pink tennis balls
*the letter "Q" magnet from our Leap Frog fridge alphabet thing
*2 water bottles
*1 umbrella stroller - aha! Finally something that should actually be in a car
*5 golf clubs
*1 fishing lure (I'm not really sure what a fishing lure is, but I'm guessing that is what this yellow/orange floaty looking thing is)
*1 Cooking Light Magazine which is hilarious because I don't really cook - maybe that is why it is in my car and not in my kitchen
*1 PB Teen catalog (I don't have teens)
*1 half full bag of Sunflower seeds which had spilled and were everywhere. When I gave my husband a dirty look on this one he blamed it on our 4 year old daughter. Can't really see how it could be her fault they were spilled all over the front passenger seat considering she is always strapped into her car seat in the back...
*1 bathroom towel rack that apparently didn't make it out when we did our last Goodwill drop off
*1 KU visor (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!)
*2 kazoos and a maraca
*1 goat (okay just kidding on that one)
*crumbs galore

Yeah, well that was embarrassing! With all of that stuff you'd think I drive a Hummer, but somehow it all managed to fit in my mid-size SUV and it honestly didn't seem all that messy until it was all strewn across my driveway.

Okay off to get the car professionally cleaned so my children don't contract Malaria (or something of that nature).

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