July 12, 2010

Yay! He is coming home today

The hubs is coming home today! I'm super excited. I'm busy scrubbing the house from top to bottom and scrubbing the kids from top to bottom as well.  I want to make sure everything is all shiny for him.

I realize that he must be a large part of my blog because I have literally had nothing to write about for the past several days.  Sorry I am so boring.

I'm sure I'll be back at it in no time. Thanks for hanging in there my friends :)


  1. Yay! Two weeks is a long time to go it alone. Whenever my husband has had to go away, I find I miss him the most in the evenings, that's when I get lonely. I live in a navy town and I don't know how these women do it months at a time.

  2. I have a feeling we won't see you for a few days <>. We understand. Afterall, you've got to hug and kiss him, hand him the kiddies and go get your hair done and a latte! Two weeks alone is not that same as two weeks alone with kids! You are strong.

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