July 9, 2010

Why we love daddy

Day 12 of 15. We are in the homestretch people. I think we are going to make it.

So they do not forget him (maybe I am being a bit dramatic) I thought it would be nice to put together a list of reasons the kids love their daddy. For your viewing pleasure here they are:

E's list:

1) He is nice
2) He is funny
3) He is so silly
4) I love to go to Old McDonald's with him
5) He is a great daddy

Z's list:

1) I love daddy's sunglasses
2) I love you mommy
3) I love me
4) His favorite color is green

My list:

1) He kills spiders
2) He entertains the children from about 6:00 PM on
3) He builds better Lego contraptions than I do
4) Wine is much more fun to drink with him than alone. Although... wine is much more necessary when he isn't here.  Go figure
5) He gathers and takes the trash out to the curb on trash day and then brings the trash cans back in after they have been emptied
6) He is a better snuggler than a pillow


  1. Aww, B used to call it Old McDonalds too. How I miss that.

    That's one fine man you have there. I love when they bring the cans back in! (It took some training didn't it?)

    So glad you get your guy back in a few days!

  2. i can tell i already like z because "me" is definitely high on the list of things i love!!


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