July 28, 2010

Construction Peep Show

22 days until Z man needs to be potty trained for preschool.  Major derailment this weekend - apparently he is allergic to potty training because once boot camp began he started throwing up everywhere and continued to do so for 3 days. That was not fun, but nothing can deter me from my goal of getting him to start preschool on day 1.

Clearly I'm all about him learning preschooly type things like sharing with others, using scissors and gluing thing to paper, but really I am most worried about the break I need during the day for the few precious hours he will be there.

I'm trying the "be naked at all times" method of potty training and as you know we have deck construction going on. Z man LOVES the activity outside and really likes to watch the guys use their tools. He logs a lot of time watching them out the window - sans pants.

I'm sure the guys are really appreciating the view from their side:

You cannot even imagine how many "My! What a big deck you have!" jokes have been made by my husband and myself. We are hilarious.


  1. Awesome! B always stripped half an hour before our sweet nanny left. The workers will just get over it!

    Aaaand I guess I missed the part where you had SHIRTLESS construction workers. Send them over here next. I'm sure I can find something for them to do.

  2. Oh yeah, the shirtless men is the best part of our deck. It will be a sad day when they are finished :(

  3. I love the combination of young boy with no pants on the other side of the glass from men with no shirt. Just so poetic in a laugh out loud way!


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