July 2, 2010

Check out my latest article in KC Parent magazine!

I am lucky enough to be a freelance writer for a local parenting magazines, KC Parent and KC Baby.  Usually I write light hearted things about the craziness of childrearing but this most recent article was a very important one because it covered the topic of SIDS.  Writing serious was a stretch for me but I learned some incredibly valuable information.

Check it out here

Keep your kiddos safe and have a Happy 4th of July weekend!


  1. Congratulations Robin. It's an important topic that I know a lot of new parents are interested in reading about.

  2. Robin! That is awesome! How did you land that gig? It would be so cool to write for a publication like that. Then again, I'd probably be too nervous and my writing would suck.

  3. p.s. your "here" link isn't working for me. will try to find it through the bigger link above...

  4. Erin, not sure what happened there. The link worked the other day - and then it wasn't. Anyway, I did the link again and now it is working. Sorry about that!

    I actually just sent some articles I had written to the editor of the magazine about a year and 1/2 ago and they liked my stuff and asked me to write for them. I write about an article every 3 months or so. It is so fun and feels pretty cool to be a published author!


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