July 18, 2010

My week

It has been a great week since the hubs got home.  Very action packed.

We ate things out of my garden! People this is huge, I have a charcoal black thumb and the fact that I grew things that are edible is amazing. Seriously my kids are the only things I've ever managed to keep alive.

My son got his foot caught in what looks like a foot guillotine and I had to have hubs come home early from work to get it out.  The crazy kid was more worried about me having to break the toy than getting his swollen, bent foot out.  When I gave him the option of breaking the toy or wearing the toy forever  - he chose the forever route.

We headed up to cute Weston, MO for one night and had a great time. Going to a winery town and doing wine tastings like there is no tomorrow is a brilliant thing to do the night before this:

I ran a 5K at 7:00 on Saturday night that was in no less than 3,000 degree heat.  I had a pretty impressive showing - 104th in your age category is pretty good right? Please hold your applause.

I'm waiting to find out, but I'm guessing there were like 105 people in my category.  Don't know why the logo will not let me show the whole thing but if you want to find out more about it, go here

Quite a fun week, so glad to have the hubs home!

UPDATE: 5K race results were posted and I was actually 95th out of 130 in my age group. Pretty pathetic but at least I didn't come in last :)


  1. I have a black thumb too! That's great you grew some things you got to eat.

    Ahh, the foot guillotine, I so would have pulled out the butter or something equally genius my grandmother taught me.

    And congrats on your big win. Any run that doesn't end in the medic tent is a win.

  2. Thanks! I agree, with the heat as it was on Sat. night the fact that I did not die at mile 2 is pretty much a miracle.

    You and I must have had the same grandmother because I did pull out the butter. LOL - didn't work - just made for a buttery foot.


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