June 4, 2010

I've outdone myself this time

Tonight is Jazzoo. It is a super fun party at the zoo that we go to every year. The dress for the evening is "creative black tie"- which puts a lot of pressure on me. Creativity is in my blood, no doubt about that. See the posts here. However for some reason I choke each year. Unlike my mom who as I wrote here last year would probably be able to skin a kangaroo and make it look adorable as her attire for the evening, I freeze when it comes to ideas for the party.

But this year I have really outdone myself. This week and last week have been insanely busy for me with work - I mean insane! And of course to top that off, the kids were on a two week break from school. With these variables I have not had time to come up with anything for Jazzoo -but someone was watching out for me and made it happen anyway.


Sorry for the disgusting picture - of my pale white legs.

Isn't that perfect? I think it is very zoo-like. I'm gonna tell everyone I got in a tussle with a lion! But of course, just like finding the perfect dress for a party and then someone else shows up in it - my friend Lindsey apparently yesterday went out and got the same accessory for herself. She REALLY committed. The lion scraped her wrist, knuckles, both legs and her feet. Geez, my friend group is clearly clumsy!


  1. I've wanted to go to Jazzoo for a few years now but haven't made it. I knew it was black tie but "creative"? Yeah, I can't pull off creative. I have a 5pm wedding in Po-Dunk, KS next weekend and can't figure out what to wear! I'm a mess.

    Have fun at Jazzoo and wine away that boo boo! Yeah, wine, not whine. Wine. :o)

  2. You are too creative! I've seen all that cool stuff you are doing to your house - you could totally pull it off.

    You should see what my husband is wearing. Wowza - he is committing to it! I will post pics next week.

    Oh and you should totally try to go to Jazzoo sometime. It is soooo much fun!


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