June 7, 2010

The sensitive father

Like most kids, my kids are picky eaters. But because we live in Kansas City and because my husband recently purchased a new Smoker and has not stopped smoking things for more than a 5 minute period since, my children love BBQ. Gates sauce is a favorite in our household and my daughter will eat it on anything. It isn't normal how much our 5 year old likes it. She loves anything and everything BBQ'd and I know this because I think my husband has smoked every kind of meat known to mankind since he got his new toy.

Today we were driving past a graveyard (bet you are wondering how these are related) and my daughter was really fascinated by it and asked where her great grandfather's graveyard is. I looked at the hubs and kind of gave him the look of why don't you take this one. You see my husband's grandfather was cremated and I was just not sure of how to explain that to her in a delicate manner. I can now for certain tell you how NOT to explain it.

D: "Well honey, when they die some people's bodies are buried like the people in this graveyard."

E: Getting impatient. "I know that dad, I'm asking where Grandpa's grave is."

D: "He doesn't have a grave. His body wasn't buried, it was BBQ'd."

It's unfortunate that we live in the BBQ capital of the world. I'm pretty sure my daughter is never going to eat it again.


  1. That is funny. Don't you wish that you had a pause button when they ask these kind of questions so that you can have time to formulate a award winning response?
    Stop by my blog, I left something for you!

  2. oh my! so funny---my kids have been asking a lot of questions about death/dying lately. none of my answers have included Gates. hee hee

    p.s. my hubs just got a new smoker, too! and Gates is his fave. Mine is Rosedale's.

  3. Hilary - I hope when your little Bean is born your hubs will have more of a filter than your brother!

    Geez, your husband and my husband should hang out Erin. Mine is actually entering (for the 2nd year) the Lenexa BBQ. It is more of a time to drink than to really win anything, but they have a lot of fun.

    Jenny - thanks for the award! I left you a note on your blog.


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