June 28, 2010

If I am doing this on day 2, what will I be doing by day 15?

As I have mentioned ad naseum, yesterday the hubs left town for 2 weeks (15 days actually) and today the construction dudes finished installing the door that will exit out to our new deck.

On the outside of our house we have several window wells that are attached to our basement. Two of these wells are full of leaves and will be covered up when the deck is installed. I decided I should clean them out before they get covered up.  It is like when you move your stove to rescue the stray green Lego your child kicked under there and is yelling at the top of his lungs for - then you end up scrubbing the floor behind the stove.  No one is ever gonna see it, but you do it anyway.

So at 10:00 PM I got out a shovel and started shoveling leaves into a garbage bag. The fact that I thought of cleaning out the leaves, knew where a shovel was and then actually did the task is truly a freaking miracle.  Hubs is in charge of all things leaf-like. Maybe next I will try to mow the lawn!  Just kidding.

Anywho, In the first window well I found a baby frog and honest to God my scream was quiet enough to not wake all of the neighbors. Wow! Who am I? Did I mention I do not do critters? I looove animals but just not ones that hop, slither, squeak, etc. in my home.

I rescued the little guy and took him over the grass so he could hop off into froggy happiness.  In case you are wondering - Noooo I did not touch him - I put him on my shovel and gave him a lift.

On to window well #2 - and guess what?  Two more frogs!  One big one and one baby one.  I rescued them both and shuttled them over to what I am assuming was their long lost baby brother/son.

Although my heart is still racing like I ran a marathon, I'm SUPER proud of myself! Maybe I could survive if the hubs decided to run off and stay in Europe.

Realistically, what is going to happen next is:

1) I will not stop thinking about the initial sighting of frog #1 and the way in which he scared the Holy BeJesus out of me.

2) I will continue to itch and freak each time I feel something on me for fear that a frog somehow jumped into my house and onto my being.

2) Tonight's sleep is completely screwed because I am convinced there are other baby frogs that got scooped up in the garbage bags and are sad and separated from their mommy.

I'm a very complicated person...

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  1. at least they were just little baby frogs and not giant ugly toads with warts and stuff...



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