June 17, 2010

Rainbow, rainbow where for art thou?

We had the most beautiful double rainbow last night in Kansas City. (Note: I did not take this picture. It was taken by Holly O'Keefe and it is the actual rainbow from last night.) My daughter could not have been more excited. This was right up her alley. If you ask her what her favorite color is her response is always:

"Weeeeelll, it used to be pink and purple, and before that when I was a baby, it was blue and yellow, but now it is rainbow!"

We happened to be in the car when this magnificent color explosion appeared and we made every attempt to find its end point but alas no leprechauns were to be found. However, it was really fun and I think maybe the thrill of my kids' young lives. We got home, got in pajamas and stared in awe out of my daughter's window for another million hours.

Then as rainbows do, it disappeared. All hell broke loose. E flipped out. She missed the rainbow. At first it was really cute and sweet. Then as is the way with this 5 year old drama queen, it just got to be ridiculous. Major fit of sobbing ensued and all the explanations in the world of how rainbows would not be special if we saw them every day fell on bright red tear-soaked deaf ears.

Exasperated, I finally asked her what it is she would like me to do about the fact that the rainbow was gone and her response: "Paint the sky"

At that point if I had a ladder big enough I would have given it a try.


  1. So Daddy's are supposed to get the moons and Mom's have to paint the sky?!? I love the new to us "Irrational 5 year old Fit". Aren't they grand? I'm going to start taking pictures of it to make matters worse. :o)

    I Facebooked the rainbow for all my out of town friends, my sister sent me a picture message of it. I think truly the grown ups are just as excited as the kids. It was amazingly vibrant last night!

  2. We were at 3&2 baseball field last night and saw the exact same rainbow!

  3. Wow, we completely missed that (I'm in Olathe). With all the rain we've been having I'm sure we'll have more!

  4. Wanderlust, I'm sorry you missed it because it was awesome! I do definitely think I enjoyed it as much as the kiddos.

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    Have a great day :)

    ~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag



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