May 24, 2010

My daughter, the super model

Admittedly my daughter did take a modeling course last summer but it was not really what you think of as modeling. It was a great experience where they learned manners, learned about nutrition, about how to take care of their bodies and some tips on fashion. It was extremely age appropriate and in no way taught my daughter to pose for every picture like this:or this (and don't worry she was not let out of the house in this outfit)Because they are not my children, in several of the photos I cropped out other kids. They are all standing next to one another in a normal fashion and smiling sweetly for the camera and then there is a dead space and then my kid in her super model pose. Where does she get this?


  1. Both my girls are the same way! Everyone asks me where they get it at. I have no clue, because I'm rather camera shy. DH is the one who takes center stage.
    Your daughter is adorable!

  2. Thank you! I know, I certainly don't pose for the camera like that so I cannot figure out how she just figured out to do that. I find it hilarious.

  3. the top photo is my favorite! my kids need an etiquette class....too bad it's so expensive. she is a doll!

  4. Thanks Erin! I think she is pretty cute - and apparently she thinks so as well :)

    Those classes are totally expensive! But I got it at a school auction for about 10% of its true price. I lucked out.

  5. Your daughter is such a cutie! I'm loving your blog and I'm your newest follower! Hope to see you around mine sometime!

  6. Found you on Blog Flow and joined your followers.

    I remember going to classes like that when I was a little girl some 30-mumble-mumble years ago.

    They called them "Charm Schools" then. I don't know if I learned to be charming, but I did find out that burping contests with my brother at the dinner table wasn't.

  7. Chelsea, thanks! I checked out yoru blog and I like it. You will see me around :)

    Tennessee Mom, I took those charm classes too. Apparently it didn't stick. I'm not that charming. My mom used to teach those classes way before I was born. They were called Wendy Ward classes. She is probably so disappointed she got me as a kid.


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