May 19, 2010

Need some gifts? Look no further...

I love jewelry, always have. I got that from my mom. Some of the rings she has could blind you and they are fabulous. When I started having kids my jewelry wearing got put on a back burner until my mother-in-law bought me this awesome bracelet - it was basically a modern day charm bracelet.

I love my bracelet and for awhile I was getting great additions to it each holiday from my in-laws and my husband. It was fantastic because my kids couldn't destroy it but it entertained the heck out of them when we were at a restaurant. When they got restless, I would pull up my sleeve and we would talk about the different charms and where they came from and what they each meant. After awhile I stopped getting new charms and my sad bracelet sits waiting for someone to add to it.

Well check this out! This awesome website, Coppins Gifts, has bracelets similar to the one I have called DaVinci Beads but they are way more affordable! No more waiting for someone to buy the charms for you - you can definitely afford to score these on your own whenever you feel like it. The charms are adorable and there are millions to choose from.

This site has other great things you should peruse as well. I'm loving the My Pillow Pets. We have some road trips in our summer plans (God, help me) and those would be perfect for the kiddos!

Coppins Gifts is definitely a must check site for now on whenever I need to purchase a gift.

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