May 31, 2010

You search and you come across me - that has got to be a disappointment

I'm the kind of nerd who LOVES spreadsheets and such and so I find Google Analytics thoroughly entertaining. One part allows you to see how some people ended up on your website by the search words they put into their search engine.

The people who stumble across me fall into 3 categories as you will see below. I think I am safe in saying that 100% of them were disappointed that they ran across a mom blog.

Category 1: Tech N9Ne
For those of you who don't know, he is a rapper for which my husband directs music videos. I have written a few posts about things related to him (here and here) and here is what Google Analytics told me people typed into their search engine and unfortunately for them came across me. Being the wonderful person I am, as a public service I have added some notes in green italics so these people do not walk away without the answers they need.

1) What to wear to a Tech N9NE concert (From what I noticed, not a lot of clothing is necessary)
2) 16 year old at Tech N9NE concert (Probably not the best idea)
3) A mom rap w/ two kids (Not sure what to say about this one. I can't rap, but I have 2 kids)
4) How long does a Tech N9NE concert last (Not long enough)
5) Is a Tech N9NE concert crazy (Yeah, crazy fun)
6) Tech N9Ne concert what to wear (See #1)
7) What should I expect from a Tech N9NE concert (See #5)
8) What songs have they played at the Tech N9NE concerts 2010 (rap songs)

Category #2: Robin's Nests
1) Ants in a robin's nest (That sucks. Try Orkin.)
2) Do they have higher nest for robins (I can't answer this question without more information. Who is they?)
3) What to do when robins mom is gone (Rest assured, my mom has not gone anywhere. I mean she could have left and gone to the store or something but then she will be back.)

Category #3: Miscellaneous
1) KC Parents magazine (It is a rocking magazine that has this amazing freelance writer named Robin. You should totally check them out.)
2) Put cake in ass tube (HUH? Which one of you was searching for that?)
3) Sprained her ankle (ouch. elevate it and put some ice on it. Have two glasses of wine and then go to bed)

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