May 28, 2010

The laziest post ever

I'm beat from working like a mad woman yesterday and so I'm going the lazy way out on this blog. This is a cut and paste from one of those things people make you do on Facebook. I did this in January of 2009.

Here are all the things you never wanted to know about me:

1. I had no middle name until I got married
2. I traded down on last names when I got married.
3. I love to clean out closets and have no qualms about throwing anything away
4. I can cross only one eye
5. Some of my best friends in the world are people I have known since I was about 3 years old
6. I do not know how to make a pot of coffee (update May 2010- I have now made a few pots of coffee. Not sure why it took me so long, it is quite easy)
7. I hate painting my toenails because my feet always freeze when I do it
8. I cannot sleep without a down comforter on me no matter what the time of the year is
9. I may have been involved in a drunk late night mugging of a passed out college guy (I did not take the money)
10. I have read about 2 full books since my oldest child was born more than 4 years ago (update May 2010 - daughter is 5 1/2 years now and haven't read any additional books - lots of PEOPLE magazine though)
11. I have never had a cavity (update May 2010 - I had 2 cavities about a year ago. How did I go 30 something years without them and now have them? Not cool.)
12. I never had braces
13. I never ever want my husband to write a song for me or sing to me even though he is the lead singer of a band
14. I love interior design and constantly think about redecorating every room in my house over and over
15. I really hope my children have as great of a life growing up as I did
16. At the time, I was the youngest patient Dick Story had ever put in contacts. Had to get rid of those glasses
17. I recently found out that my mother was actually highlighting my hair when she told me she was doing a "conditioning treatment" on my hair. That started when I was in 5th grade.
18. I can make the most annoying noise on the planet with this fake laugh I do. It drives my husband insane - hence the reason I do it.
19. I did not fill my car up with gas myself until I got to college.
20. I have never gotten a speeding ticket
21. If you give me a word, I can immediately say it back to you backward
22. I once saw Pink Floyd in Venice, Italy
23. My first car was a yellow 1978 Country Squire Station Wagon with fake wood paneling - even though my father owned a car dealership.
24. I was one of the only 2 people who did not get accepted in chorus when trying out in 7th grade.
25. I was an extra (along with the rest of OKC) in the movie Surviving with such stars as Molly Ringwald, the guy from Gremlins (Zach Galligan), River Phoenix, the girl from Poltergeist, Marsha Mason, Paul Sorvino. I wore my brownie uniform in my scene.


  1. Sweet! I love these little FB note things. You are a riot! I love number 24!

    Oh and I can scream while inhaling which makes this orca type sound that drives my husband nuts! I love that we find joy in this!

  2. I like it - I might have to try and perfect that orca sound too!


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