July 12, 2009

I'm Stealing It #6 & #7

We recently discovered that the door leading out to our garage from the kids playroom is magnetized. Not sure why it took me 4 1/2 years to figure it out - only thing I can guess is that I'm slow.

This works out great for us since the kids' drawing table, crayons, art supplies etc. are right next to that door and they pump out what they declare masterpieces approximately 1,394 times per day. Don't worry we use both sides of the paper, but I'm still probably going to need to buy a forest in the near future to make up for our carbon footprint.

Anyway, we never have enough magnets to hold everything and it is heartbreaking to my daughter when we have to sort through all of her glorious pictures and make decisions on which ones to keep and which ones to put in the recycling bin.

I found these on "not Martha's blog" and I think they are really cute and could be a fun project with the kiddos.

They are called marble magnets and you can buy all of the supplies at Michael's. Like most of the ideas I steal, I have not made these yet (I need to get on these things, what kind of a resource am I if I always give ideas and never execute them???) but I will report back once I do. I'm trying to do one "major" craft per week with the kids. In my head this is major - most people are probably way craftier than me and look at this project as beginner level.

These cute magnets remind me of these rings my friend Lindsey has and I LOVE them - which lead me to my next item I'm Stealing.

Lindsey has these rings that are called Pop Art Painted Rings. They come with 5 in a pack and you can get them at Beauty Brands. You can also find them online.

Lindsey had her son color hers and seriously the rings are so cool. He is only 2 years old but they are completely abstract and actually remind me a lot of my mom's paintings - but on your hand. You can do whatever you want with them as far as design goes. By the packaging, it seems like something a young girl would wear but Lindsey wears hers all the time and I will too once I have some for myself!

She has given them to people as gifts - which is a great idea because they have a very personal touch since her son made them.

Again, I will report back once I have found them (Beauty Brands has been out the past few times I have gone) and show you how cool they are.

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