July 9, 2009

He hangs with rappers, I hang with toddlers

My husband and I started dating in college. We met in a French class and also had the same major - advertising. It was meant to be right from the beginning. Our early careers took a similar path and we began working in the Account Management side of some Chicago advertising agencies (well that is after he skied Vail for about 8 months). Boy how things have changed...

He was never happy in that "organization" role -which if you saw his side of the closet would not surprise you a bit. So he switched sides and moved over to be a creative. He worked as a copywriter and spent his entire day avoiding people like me at the office. I spent my entire day trying to wrangle people like him. In the evenings we would come home and spend hours defending the people who worked in our same roles at each other's companies. Who knows, maybe this opposite thing is why we work well together.

So here we are now, several jobs and several cities later and our roles absolutely could not be more different. It is not uncommon for my husband's Facebook status to say "I just rode to lunch in a Bentley" or "I am currently filming a music video in a deserted funeral home" while mine run the line of "baking cookies with the kids!" or "kids and I are at the zoo and just saw a baby elephant!"

My husband co-owns a production company. He hangs out with music artists. I hang out with 2 and 4 year olds. He loves what he does and I love what I do. For the past two days he has been in Los Angeles meeting with people at Sony. For the past two days I have had play dates and have made homemade play doh.

When he got to LA he called to tell me he had landed safely and I asked how his flight was. Here was his response:

"It was good. I actually ended up sitting next to this rapper I know." - that is so not a sentence that is ever going to come out of my mouth.

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