July 21, 2009


I'm busted, I committed to getting my kids to church in a blog post several weeks back after an incident with my daughter and her thoughts on where God resides. But here we are several weeks later and clearly I have not followed through with the church thing because this is the conversation we had this afternoon:

E: Mom, did you know that people's skin comes in all different colors like, black, brown, white, blondish?

ME: I did know that honey. But people have blond hair, however I wouldn't say they have blond skin.

E: Yes they do, look at your arms, with all that hair you would have to say you have blond skin.

Nice, kid. Thanks. Mental note - make an appointment for a full body wax.

E: And God has blue skin and wears a striped hat and has brown curly hair. He also has blue eyes, oh yeah and a curly tail.

Wow, really really we need to get to church before this gets too bad.

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