April 24, 2014

Throw up Thursday

Okay I realize Throw Up Thursday isn't a thing and let's make sure it doesn't catch on.  But I didn't have any #tbt photo to show so I thought I would show these which make me want to vomit.

1) My sweet babykins is growing up and I hate it.  First haircut yesterday.  He looks so old and it makes my stomach hurt.  We HAD to get his haircut because we were about 10 minutes from someone calling CPS on us.  With hair as bad as his he could have been scarred for life.


Next up on the docket for Throw Up Thursday:
No it is not my son's sub par handwriting that is offensive here (although that is an issue). It is the fact that the school gave him a worksheet that has incorrect grammar.  There is no reason the eagle should have an apostrophe "s"  The worksheet came this way and had several instances like this.  Really, this is what we are teaching our children?

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