April 29, 2014


Our little guy is 18 months old - will be 19 months in about a week.  This has been a big month for him.  He has hit some pretty major milestones.

1) He got his first haircut.  Aww.

2) He FINALLY learned to walk.  What is with my kids? It cannot have anything to do with the fact that I push them down every time they try and walk, could it?  Wait, ahem, no I don't do that.

3) He was involved in his first robbery. Can't wait to write it in his baby book!

Oh is that not normal for most 18 month olds?  Or most people in general???? Ugh.  He and I were at Aldi minding our own business buying cheap groceries and boom.  Well not boom, that would be have been much more scary.  But all of a sudden a dude walks in, holds up the cashier shaking a gun in her face, grabs the money and runs out of the store.

Everyone was completely fine, albeit a bit shaken.  Guess it is back to paying for full priced groceries for us.

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