August 18, 2010

Those advertisers are speaking to me

E started Kindergarten today. I'm not sure how this happened, because it has gone so fast. However it also seems like she has always been in our lives and I cannot imagine anything without her. 

It is amazing how much I pay attention to all of those back to school commercials wondering if I have purchased her the right things and if there is anything that I can buy that will ensure success in friendships, school and all around adjustment to life.  I've been in advertising for 14 years, you would think that I know that all of these ads are made by people sitting in a room who probably don't even have children, however that does not stop me from wanting to pull out my credit card and consume, consume, consume.

The one that totally speaks to me is a mom who wishes she could take her child in the classroom and tell all the other kids what a great kid she has. I so am fighting the urge to do that.  If I could, I would make a Powerpoint presentation on E and all of her amazing traits.  She is incredibly smart, hilarious, sweet and considerate, unbelievably sassy (and not always in a good way) creative and a budding artist.

I'm proud of my little big girl and she did an amazing job walking in the school like she owned the place and didn't have any qualms about me leaving her.  Not sure I felt the same way :)


  1. Well I'm glad you made it! And that top is just too cute. I need a boyish one for B!

    I totally feel the need to buy anything that will make B look cool. Gone are the days we could pass out our Lisa Frank scented stickers and be loved by all. Luckily B has more personality than I did so he'll be fine! I'm sure E will come home with stories of tons of new friends!

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