August 17, 2010

I will learn to love my PC, I will learn to love my PC, I will learn to love my PC and why I love Geeks

I am a Mac girl, have been one since college and have really really been one for the past 8 years while at my old company.  For my new company there is a need for me to have a PC because of a certain software that we use. 
I got my brand new fancy schmancy PC the other day. It has Windows 7 which according to the 1,000 commercials I have seen on it - is awesome. My husband who is pretty smart with this stuff tried to help set it up to work with our wireless Internet.  No luck. We literally worked on this all weekend. It would tease us by working every once in awhile but never for a long amount of time. It was so infuriating.  If you walked away from the computer for one second, the Internet would stop working and anytime my husband tried using his Mac with the Internet, mine would shut down. 

I was so incredibly close to hopping on a plane and going to California to retrieve my beautiful Mac from my old company's IT guy. I had offered to purchase it but they needed it as an extra.  But this time I wasn't going to be so nice about it. I wasn't above holding said IT guy up at gun point. If he would just hand over the Mac, no one would get hurt - except maybe my PC.

My husband left town for work on Monday AM and left me alone with this mean horrible beast.  I had never gotten it to work at all on my own so I was totally screwed.  Finally, after 5 days of this, I called the Geek Squad (1-800-Geek-Squad) and told them of my woes. (Note: I am so pathetically dependent on the Internet that I had to call someone to get me the phone number to the Geek Squad because I recycle all of the phone books I receive immediately and get all phone numbers I need online) I was ready to set an appointment and have some guy come out for 13 hours and pay him $1,000,000 to figure out this mess.

The guy was super nice and asked me if I had hit FN key and F2 key at the same time.  Uh, no.  "Well try that," he said.  SUCCESS.  YAY!!!!!

I am so excited to have Internet I cannot tell you!!!  And I love the Geek Squad.

And I am trying to get over the fact that my computer made my husband and I look like total morons for 5 days. We are going to find out a way to get along, we really will.

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  1. My husband tried to same a dime and called Computer Nerdz when my pc was acting crazy. $300 and we got a "You'll need a new this and that or you'll need a new computer, which is easier". Um, thanks. I was too tired to argue the money at that point. Happy you got it all going! Geeks are way better than nerds.


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