August 10, 2010

The long awaited deck...

Our deck is done! Our deck is done!  Here are some photos. Everyone is invited to come and hang out. We can probably fit 200 of our closest friends. It is a large deck!  Hehe, I said large deck.

This is where my husband cooks delicious dinners for us.

This is where I sit and drink and let him do that.
Warning, this deck has a tendency to turn you into a lush.  Not sure how it happens but every time I set foot on it I start drinking.  Very strange - it must have magical powers.

 This is where we eat those delicious dinners.                                                                                                   

I am a happy woman! If you don't see me blogging for a few days, come to my deck, take the margarita out of my hand and tell me to snap out of it.

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  1. Congrats on your big deck. Nothing goes together like alcohol and big decks. Okay, I'm done now. I've got to go eat soap.

    My husband would be quite jealous of your husband's "kitchen". And maybe the big deck too. Okay, seriously that was the last one!


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