August 12, 2010

Really am going to start charging for the use of our yard

The other day I wrote about how some of the neighborhood children use our corner yard for their lemonade stands.  Since I wrote that post we have had a few more little entrepreneurs set up shop.  And like I said, I really am okay with it.

But the people selling their homes are seriously starting to annoy me.  I watch the realtors in their high heels and dark suits pull up in their shiny Mercedes, leave the engine on, glance around quickly to make sure no one is looking, dart to my yard, stick their sign in, hop in their car and peel out.  Seriously, how hard is it to just come and ask me if they can stick a sign in my yard?  I would say yes. I really would.  There are a lot of advantages to someone on my block selling their house.  Potential for my property value to go up, potential for new kids my kids' age, potential for a new best friend to sip margaritas with on my new deck and much more. But when you don't ask, guess what? The second it gets dark out, I'm going to go and rip that sign out.

There is a homeowner on our street who did it today. She is selling her house For Sale By Owner.  Granted she lives like 10 houses down from me and we have never met, but I would think since we live on the same street it would just be good neighborly niceness to take the 30 seconds to walk to my door and ask me if she can put her sign in my yard. I watched her put the sign in. Didn't even look up at my house while she was doing it. I expect the realtor's to be less sensitive to me, but I really take much more offense to the FSBO chick doing it.

Guess what I will be doing about 9:30 PM???  Really, really, really I need to get a life and get real things to worry about.

Disclaimer: Just so you don't think I'm a huge ginormous ass, I don't throw their signs away. I just pull them out and stick them on the sidewalk.  Just enough to annoy them and have to stop and put it back every day.

Disclaimer 2: I don't just sit and stare out my front window all day. It just happens to be the view from my kitchen and office - where I spend all day long.


  1. I love it! You are so in the right town. I think you are doing a public service because there has got to be an ordinance about signs over there! You could always slap a ticket on the sign for rudeness.

  2. Okay, so here I go again, I am waaaay meaner than you, I wouldn't even wait until it is dark, I would march out there before the realtor actually pulled away and take that sign. That is ridiculous and rude!!! Fun fact, did you know that those little signs cost about $10? I bet if they lose a couple of them they won't use your yard as a parking spot for their signs anymore!!!


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