January 12, 2010

That's embarassing

On Christmas Eve my mom and I ran some errands to finish up those final little things. We were at the grocery store and I told her that I needed a new mop. I had mopped our floors that morning and so they were squeaky clean at this point but I was very excited to have a new mop because I just had never liked the one I had. We had some major discussion on mops pros and cons and picked one out that looked good. Christmas, New Years and other festivities ensued.

Fast forward to about 10 days later when my mother called me. She was at the grocery store and was in need of a new mop as well. She was calling to see how happy I was with my mop. I had two choices here, 1) lie and tell her that I loved the mop and it has changed my life or 2) tell her the truth and let her know that it was 10 days and probably 1,000 spills later and I still had not used it yet! I opted for option #2 embarrassing as it was.

I am now happy to report the mop is awesome but it does not compare to the mops I rely on daily - our dogs :)

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