January 5, 2010

How cute is my dad?

My dad is awesome. He has been a very successful business man for many years and tried to retire at one point but drove my mom crazy within one day of being home (something about trying to reorganize how she has arranged items in the refrigerator for the past 40 years) and so now he "offices".

My husband finds it hilarious that my father has made the word "office" a verb, but based on all the friends I have whose fathers "office" I'm thinking it must be an Oklahoma thing. Until recently I wasn't sure what he did in that office other than forward along emails he found hilarious - but now I know. My father is plotting to take over Hollywood.

The man has always wanted to be on tv. There was about a 4 year period of my life where every 6 months or so a new package would arrive in the mail that housed his latest "Survivor" audition tape. He actually hired an ad agency to help him with these videos. Unfortunately Survivor never bit. So now he has moved on and is striving for much greater things. My dad recently finished his first acting course and he is not going to settle until he has been cast in a major Hollywood movie. He is even hoping an Oscar will be in his future.

Where he is right now in the process is that his head shots have been taken and I believe he is looking for an agent. You have to check out his blog which is chronicling the path to his fame. My dad is so adorable - which is probably not what he is wanting to hear. I think he hopes to liken himself to more of a Paul Newman type - but I can't help it, he is my dad after all.

Follow his journey and it will be fun for you to say you knew of him way back when....

Acting Your Age

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