January 23, 2010

My kids never cease to amaze me

I'm sure the two people who read this blog (thanks mom and dad!) know by now that Z man is a crazy child. I love him to pieces and adore the craziness that his small little body houses. He is so him and I would not want it any other way. His new obnoxious habit is guzzling a drink in the kitchen and then spiking the cup on the floor. Unfortunately it is hilarious and I have an extremely hard time disciplining him because I am laughing so hard. I mean where does he get this stuff? He is only 2!

Over the holiday break we moved Z to a big boy bed. Seeing him in his crib he just looked smooshed and he had been waking up ridiculously early for the past several weeks, figuring he was uncomfortable we thought it might be a good time.

I was a nervous wreck over this switch. Allowing the maniac that kind of freedom could not be a good thing. The things he does directly in front of my face are unbelievably dangerous/appalling/messy/bizarre/frightening/defiant/insane so I could only imagine what he would do when left to his own for hours and hours on end. And to make matters worse we got him a bunk bed. Not to worry, we aren't total morons, we do not allow the ladder on it unless a parent is in the bedroom. He sleeps on the bottom bunk which is a full size bed.

The first night he slept in his new bed I spent a good hour "Z proofing" his room and probably another two hours making sure the front door was locked, car keys were no where to be found, securing the baby gate by the stairs, ensuring all chemicals were under lock and key, leaving lights on in various places in our house so when he did escape he would not fall, etc. etc. In addition, I slept for about 30 seconds that night as I was convinced there was NO way we would get through the night without him roaming the house and finding every danger to be had.

Here we are close to 1 month since the switch happened and the kid has not attempted to get out of his room, sleeps in until about 9:00 every morning and goes to bed without a peep. When he wakes up in the morning he just yells for us to come get him and he doesn't even get out of his bed. Whaaaat? This is not the Z man I know. This is just not sitting right with me. He must be plotting something.


  1. Don't worry Robin. I read your blog too. Surely Z is plotting something, but maybe he just hasn't figured out the new found freedom his bed allows. When he does, watch out! -Hil

  2. Thank Hil! You are right, we are in big trouble when he truly understands his new found freedom.


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