March 20, 2014


In this completely schizo blog I will discuss house decor at times.  I fancy myself an incredibly amateur (and let's be honest, incompetent) designer.   

Today, in honor of Throw Back Thursday, I am going to bring an old blog to back to life for like 7 minutes. It was a short lived diary about our money pit.  I learned that writing about decor costs money and I ran out of that quickly.

I'm a Throw Back Thursday virgin and decided to jump on the band wagon way after everyone else has.  I'm super cool like that. So if you are having trouble falling asleep, check out sad, old ignored blog and you can enjoy hard hitting stories like Blankets, a 2 part series and Inexpensive Window Covering Options

In honor of the old bloggy blog I also wanted to show you a chair makeover I recently did using Annie Sloan chalk paint for the first time.  OMG why have I never used this before?  Usually I buy all the materials for a project, sand for 8 minutes, get bored, pour a glass of wine and then purchase a new throw pillow online to make myself feel better about my failure.

But this stuff is the answer to my dreams - NO SANDING!  Pretty lame dreams, huh?

I have a bunch of these chairs. They were the chairs to my parents dining room table they had when I was growing up.  They have been recovered no less than 298 times by my mother but once I inherited them (much to my husband's dismay - where were we going to put like 10 chairs?) I knew that they would look really cute painted different colors (and recovered). I think this first attempt proved I was right. 

I've got several more to go.  I have visions of doing them in a rainbow of colors.  I have nowhere to put them though. Maybe I'll give them out as Christmas gifts to random people next year?

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