March 27, 2014

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Rules Again

My daughter was in great need of a desk chair.  I wanted something cute but affordable.  I've looked a million times but everything I was finding (that I liked) cost more than I wanted to spend on a 9 year old's chair.

After about a year of this it occurred to me, last weekend, to make my own chair.  Um, hello remember how I just went on and on like 2 posts ago about how I have a million chairs lying around? Yeah I'm not really quick, I get that.

In addition to the 1,000 chairs we have from my parents old dining set, we have chairs from my in- laws old dining set, so I used one of those.  Apparently we are the chair dumping ground.

Below are the before and afters.  Note my arty photo in number 2, pretty cool, huh?   Okay the actual truth is that the baby took the phone from me at that point and took the photo.  When I looked at it I thought it looked arty so I told you I did it as I have sub par photography skills and I wanted to look cool. Apparently my 17 month old is better with a camera that me.  But he can't walk and I totally can, so ha!

I think it's pretty cute and my daughter adores it! I'm just loving the Annie Sloan chalk paint.  It is so easy to use (no sanding, yay!!!) and it goes really far.  I've done two chairs thus far and I've used maybe 1/4 of the can.  Everything in my house is going to be light blue if I'm not careful.

My only issue with this paint is it is not easy to find.  You need to google it to find places near you that carry it.  The places in Kansas City aren't all that close to me so it is a trek to go get some. But I'd much rather be in my car singing my heart out to the radio for 20 minutes to get this glorious paint than have to sand a piece of furniture, so it's all good. I'm not mad at you Annie Sloan chalk paint.

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