June 27, 2011

My 4 year old pimp

My son just turned four and he is really cute - as all four year old boys are. However he has a skill that I'm not sure many kids his age have mastered yet - picking up women. 

I was getting him from school one day a few months back and his teacher was cracking up. She explained she had a doozie of a story for me. She wasn't lying.

Apparently she was sitting next to Zach at lunch and he was quietly munching on his PB&J sandwich. All of a sudden he turned to her and said "heeeey girrrrl" (I wish my computer could talk to you so you could hear the perfect R&B sweet slow talk he did it in.)  The teacher, not knowing if she had heard him correctly said, "excuse me Zachary what did you just say?" 

Zachary, "I said, heeeey girrrrrl.  That is what my daddy told me I should say to the ladies."

After I hung up with my divorce attorney I fell all over myself apologizing to her that my son was trying to pick her up.  Thank God for her being her because she thought it was hilarious and actually had to excuse herself from the table to bust out laughing in the hallway.  She then proceeded to tell all the other teachers about it and now as they pass one another in the halls they all shout out "heeey girrrrl". 
Nice legacy for the Gedmans to leave behind at our little Christian preschool.

Fast forward to a few days ago when my husband (ok, I didn't kick him out after that incident but believe me he is walking on thin ice here) and Zachy went to Best Buy.  A sales girl came up to them and started discussing whatever item they were there to purchase.  At a lull in the conversation she bent down to Zach and said "Hi cutie, what's your name?"

His response? "I'm Zach", then lazily points his thumb at my husband and said "this is Dan." 

She ate that up and Dan was pretty sure at that point he could have taken her behind the refrigerator section and had his way with her.  He said Zach is the best wing man he's ever had. Nice.

Can't wait to see what he is like at 16.


  1. LMAO. I wouldn't be if it was my son, but that's just too funny! Can he help me pick up boys? (jk....sort of)

  2. I'm willing to loan him out to you to see if it works :)


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