August 27, 2011

The super powers of a Superman costume

I have no issue with the high cost of Halloween costumes.  I would venture to say we get more wear out of our Halloween costumes than most people on the planet. Zachary insists on wearing his costumes all day long about once per month come rain or shine.  I usually look at it as one of those "it's not worth the fight"  situations and with a roll of the eye just let him do it. Then we usually spend our day at home and I catch up on the laundry and housework. Yesterday was different. 

Although my daughter has been in school for two weeks, it is just now the end of the summer for Zachy. He has one more week until school starts.  There have been moments where the week after Labor Day can't get here fast enough.
Yesterday he wanted to wear his Superman costume complete with cape. Fine, whatever, throw it on, let's get going we are going to be late! We rushed out the door to walk sissy to school and met up with our neighbors along the way.  Our sweet little 5 year old neighbor was very sad that he didn't have such a get up on and so my little superhero loaned him the cape. It was so genuine and thoughtful and I smiled at that amazing gesture that put a smile on his friend's face.

We went along our day of errand running - Target, Hancock Fabric, the Library, etc.  All along the way, countless ladies sweetly exclaimed how much safer they felt with a real live superhero in their midst. That thrilled him each time and he offered to get rid of any monsters or bad guys that they ran into. I saw person after person nudge their friend and point at my little guy with a huge smile on their face.  I think he should be given a medal for the public service of smiles and laughter he spread around the Kansas City area. Me included.  It was really fun and I was proud to have this creative, outgoing and wonderfully angelic boy on my arm.

But on the walk back to school to pick up sissy, I saw the true awesomeness of the super powers of my Superman.  A woman pulled up to us in her car with tears in her eyes and said she spotted us from two blocks away. She just had to turn around to come talk to us. Apparently her son wore the same type costume practically everyday for a year until it was in such shreds it no longer covered his little body. That boy is now a senior in college and 21 years old.  She said that seeing us was a joyous walk down memory lane and it brought her happily to tears. She thanked us for making her day and reminded me to enjoy this precious time because before I know it, my little super hero will be a 21 year old man ready to graduate college and face the world. Now guess who had tears in their eyes?

Life has been crazy this week. I'm conflicted on the job front, my husband has been traveling like a mad man and school started at its usual hectic pace. That was a reminder I really needed. I thanked the woman, picked up my little superhero and laughingly piggy backed him all the way to the school.

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