April 27, 2010

Potty training is not such a saga anymore!

A friend of mine has been talking about how she is going to start potty training her son who is about a month younger than Z man. I was in awe of her because in my head we were not even remotely close to potty training Z. Outwardly I was her greatest cheerleader and asked her to let me know how it goes - inside feeling DEEP envy. Visions of the potty training boot camp I was going to have to conjure up for Z in August right before pre-school floated into my head.

If you have read my blog in the past you know how not successful we have been in the potty training arena with this kid. Things ranging from him wearing the toilet seat on his head, thinking the pee pee comes out of his finger, his sister trying to train him and other sagas have not given me much hope.

But on Sunday Z was taking a bath and told me he wanted to get out and get a diaper. I saw this as a great sign that he knew the signs his body was telling him. I took him out of the tub and told him to just sit on the potty while I looked for a diaper. I faked looking for a diaper and said I couldn't find one so maybe he should just try the big boy potty - and he did it!

You would have thought he just graduated from Harvard by the big deal I made out of it. I was truly that excited but really more shocked than anything. So far so good, he has gone several times since them and I think we are on the road to potty trainedeness. You could never have convinced me that this road would be traveled down before he even turned 3! We have a long ways to go until he is fully trained, but I'm thrilled.

Is it weird that I am kind of sad about this because it confirms my little guy is growing up?

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