April 19, 2010

Ask and you shall receive

This weekend we went to Smoke 'n Fire BBQ store as a family. Usually we try to avoid taking both kiddos to places that have large expensive items - but didn't have a choice on this one.

We walked in and for some reason Z decided he needed crackers and began announcing this in an above appropriate voice level. The thing about this kid is that when he gets something in his head he does not let it go. About every 15 seconds he announced to the store "I want kwackers, kwackers where are you? I can't find you."

I explained to him that just calling out for something does not make it appear and that as soon as we got home I would be glad to give him crackers. I then was able to tune him out (as I do it about 287 times per day) and continue shopping.

About three minutes later a very nice man who works at the store came up to me with a package of crackers. He said he had heard the call and thought he should do something about it. I was pretty sure that we should have been booted out of the store for our disturbance but instead they couldn't have been more friendly.

My daughter's response? "Well, I guess you can just call out for things and make them appear."

Boy this is not a good thing for them to believe.

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