April 13, 2010

I know I am supposed to correct them, but it is just so cute

Like all children, my kids have some things that they say that are just too cute - even if they aren't technically the correct way of saying the word or phrase. I realize the good mom thing to do is repeat what they said in the correct manner so that they will learn - but is it bad that I just want to hold on to a few of their adorable phrases? I will probably find out that answer when they head to college still talking like toddlers. But for now I am going to enjoy them. A few of my favorites:

"Goose forward please" - this is Z's way to ask someone to scoot forward

"Glittering is bad" - this is E's way of talking about litter. As I have said many times, our world would be much prettier if people were glittering instead of littering.

"All the singalallies" - E's version of singing Beyonce's song All the Single Ladies. I prefer E's version

"Sank you" - E's way of saying thank you. I know this is one I should really correct considering she is 5 1/2 but it is really sweet.

"No kank you, no kank you, no kank you" - Z is the politest mad kid in the world. When you do something he does not like such as put him down for a nap, insist he takes a bath, or suggest he stop hitting his sister he uses this phrase. We get comments from people all the time about what a polite angry child we have.

"I'm going to hit you now mommy!" Z has the grammatical portion of this phrase down pat but I just love how he gives us warning each time he is going to hit. It is a good thing because he is a pretty strong kid and usually has some sort of object in his hand that will maim you if you don't move out of the way.

"I wub you mommy" - Both kids have used this same one and I say it back to them - how can I not? Clearly this is my favorite.


  1. We know about Glitterbugs here too! That's how B says it. I love it too much to correct it. And that thing at the end of a sentense is a pyramid. We can just let them be little as long as possible right?

  2. okay glitterbug is so cute! My daughter hasn't said that exactly but I LOVE that. Pyramid is pretty awesome too. Kids are cute :)


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