March 24, 2010

Poor No-man

This past weekend it snowed 7 inches in one day. Love that unpredictable Kansas March weather! My poor little guy was sick and couldn't go outside to play but our sweet daughter decided he would feel better if she built a snowman by the door for him. She went to work with her 5 year old hands and built, what in my opinion, is the most glorious snowman ever.

Z loved looking at it out the window and kept saying "beautiful no-man!" - he leaves the "s" off of snowman which makes it all that much more cute.

Like Kansas does, it was 65 degrees the next day and our snowman didn't take too kindly to that. It looked very much like a snowman crime scene when you looked out our front door. When Z saw the melting mass of snow, he began to yell "poor no-man! poor no-man!"

Once he recovered from that, it actually proved to be entertaining to see how much our no-man melted each day and I had high aspirations of taking a picture yesterday of only the scarf, hat and gloves laying on our lawn.

However, when we got home from running errands someone had set them on our porch. Apparently the neighbors don't take too kindly to us leaving our outerwear all over the front lawn.

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