March 3, 2010

I am one of "those" moms

What is that you ask? You would be right to assume my carpet needs a serious vacuuming - living in a house with two furry dogs and two furry (okay not furry but messy) kids - it normally does. However the carpet had actually been vacuumed just a couple of hours before this picture was taken.

This is my apology to all the mothers out there that I have judged when their children cut their own hair. I always had the same response when I heard a child had done that: "What kind of mother leaves a child alone with a pair of scissors long enough for that to happen? That is just bad parenting."

Well now we know, apparently I'm that kind of mother - hence the gobs of hair on the floor. Thankfully my daughter has a pretty thick mane and you cannot tell she went all Edward Scissorhands on her head - but I was not pleased when I found out that she had done this.

This is something I would expect from our crazy 2.5 year old and so he is never allowed to be alone with anything sharper than a tennis ball, but my smart, rule following, timid daughter? Never in a million years would I have thought she would have been that kid - or more importantly I would be that mom. I'm guessing this is a first in a very long line of days that I am going to have to eat my words.


  1. Sharper than a tennis ball? I love it!

    Aren't you glad I'm not your sister? I would tell her that she is supposed to cut little brother's hair, not her own. My poor buzz-cut-wearing-by-neccessity brother.

    I won't judge you. Even when you are eating your words. Which you will. A lot.

  2. That is funny! I'm sure your brother built up a lot of character from that :)

    I actually would have been less surprised if my daughter had done it to her brother. She is a kid who doesn't like to get dirty and only wears dresses. I never thought she would try and destroy her own head.

    Yes, I'm probably going to have to work on a new exercise regimen to counter balance all the words I am going to be eating over the years. :)

  3. I cannot believe my niece did that! I guess most girls do at one point or another, but seems out of character for her. At least she didn't give herself bangs!

    Luckily, I think words are pretty low in calories (thank goodness).

    Lots of love! Hil


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