September 15, 2009

Check out my latest article in KC Parent magazine!

In February I started writing articles. I had no idea where they would get me but I just thought it was kind of fun. I sent them to no less than 11,543 magazines across the country and I was fortunate that a very small fraction of those magazines actually liked my writing style and asked me to write some articles for them.

See below for the most recent one published:

Need to Nest?

And to check out this link for other articles I have had published:

look here!

Sorry for the annoying self promotion, but I feel incredibly fortunate that these magazines took a chance on me - someone who hadn't written anything since college. Other articles are coming soon!


  1. Great article! I'll add making frozen meals to my list of neurotic nesting activities. Love this suggestion.

    (I was inside *seriously crawled inside* my car trunk vacuuming two days before my son was born)

  2. That is awesome, I'm impressed you could fit in your trunk at that point, I probably wouldn't have! Can you send some of that nesting energy over here please? My house could use a good scouring...


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