September 21, 2009

It's official! I'm a mom.

I took my kids to a place called Penguin Park yesterday. I had heard about it a few times and since my husband was gone all day to the Chiefs game, the kids and I had some free time. I figured it was as good a time as any to make the trek to the park.

As you can see, the park is really cute!

Sadly some less than civilized teenagers (I'm speculating on their ages here) felt the need to destroy the park. They spray painted horrible things of the verbal and visual kind all over the entire place. Thank God my children cannot yet read or interpret spray painted gentailia or we would have left immediately. I spoke with a mother who lives in the area and she had been at the park the day before and Penguin Park was graffiti free at that time. So some hooligans (total mom word) had done this destruction as their leisure activity on Saturday evening. Jerks.

One of the geniuses also spray painted their name - full name, first, middle and last - on the side walk. Realistically I can't imagine anyone, including these kids is dumb enough to write their own name on something they defile - it could be the name of someone they hate, etc. But still I figure it is something to go on and so I took a picture of it and I plan to email it to the police. See - there it is right there! I'm SUCH a mom. And even more mom of me I took this disgusting situation as an opportunity to talk with my kids about other people's property and how we need to respect it, etc. I'm really growing up :)

So tell me, when was a moment you realized that you are totally a parent and there is just no going back?


  1. I grew up north of the river and there have always been hooligans destroying that cute little park. So sad to hear it's still going on. I also find it odd how many parents smoke at that park, it's pretty gross to be outside and come home smelling like an ashtray.

    Hmm, my worst mommy moments are when I helicopter over a kid being mean to my son and tell the kid how to behave then having a long discussion with my son about how to handle situations. I really need to back off but I have a crazy momma bear way about me!

  2. There were an unusual amount of people smoking at Penguin Park! I thought that was strange too.

    I do understand those moments of wanting to tell a child the correct behavior when they treat your child badly. It is so frustrating to watch - especially when their parents are not paying attention!


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