September 11, 2009

Dads are awful! Mommies are awesome!

Dads are awful and mommies are awesome. While I do agree with this statement at times, I’m not sure my husband really deserved to hear that in this particular circumstance.

I had another quick jaunt of a trip yesterday for work. In and out of Milwaukee in like 8 hours. The kids went to my mother-in-law’s for most of the day until my husband picked them up after work. As I was told, the story went something like this:

Once they arrived back home my husband realized he didn’t have a house key. Since my husband’s car is still at the dealership getting it’s 9,087 issues resolved, he has no house key. Yes, yes, his house key is on the key chain at the dealership - probably not the best place for them huh? Oddly this has not been a problem for us over the past 11 months or whatever it is that the darn car has been in the shop. I guess I must always be home when he gets home – yeah, well except not last night. I was in Milwaukee and my keys happily went on the trip with me.

So, D went about breaking into our house, leaving the children strapped in their car seats. If you know my children – or children in general – you can imagine how well that went. I heard something about our daughter poking our son with an umbrella, random things within reach being thrown at one another a boatload of tears and extreme range over not having the windows rolled down.

Eventually they got inside – fortunately without the neighbors calling the cops on the man crawling through a window in our house. It was about then that our daughter really got out of control, enough so that she warranted the rest of the evening in her bedroom.

Here is what she had to say about that:

In general:

"Dads are awful! Mommies are awesome!"

And here apparently are the 3 reasons why her father in particular is so awful:

1) He would not roll down the window of the car

2) He made her eat dinner in her bedroom because she was not allowed out of her room

3) He bought her an awful light bulb

My thoughts on that:

1) My guess is she began screaming to have the car window rolled down at the precise moment my husband was straddling the window sill in a delicate balancing act with one leg on the prickly bushes outside and the other carefully twisted around the candles yet avoiding the picture frame on the table just inside the house.

2) The kid is nuts. Personally I would love it if daddy would bring me dinner in bed, she doesn’t know how cool that really is.

3) She is right on this one, her new environmentally friendly light bulb does completely suck but we can’t blame dad for that, let’s blame global warming on that one.

Anyone want to put in their wager now on how much longer my husband is going to let me keep this job???

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