August 2, 2009

Really gotta stop punching my kids

I spent all of Sunday afternoon cleaning out my children's bedrooms. My husband took the kiddos to play with their grandparents and I got to work.

It is never a good thing to have the munchkins here when I go on major cleaning sprees because suddenly items that haven't been seen or thought about for months - items found stuck in the wood grate underneath a bed - become their "very favoritist toy in the world"! Really it's just best that they do not see the books and toys that I donate. Just as I knew would happen, no one even noticed anything was missing when they returned home.

I placed a bag of outgrown clothes ready to pass of to my sister-in-law outside my daughter's room. When my daughter saw the bag, she looked at a few items and we had the following conversation:

E: Mooooom, you can't give these away, if you do I'll get punched!


E: I said, you can't give that sweater away or I'll get punched.

Immediately I was imagining some horrible child at my daughter's school threatening her because the bully wanted that sweater and my daughter was panicked that she would get a beat down if we got rid of it.

ME: Honey, I won't give it away then, can you tell mommy what happened?

E: Remember before I put it on that one day? You punched me!

I've never laid a hand on my child and usually I can decipher where my kids are going with things, but this had me stumped.

ME: Honey, I have never ever punched you and I never will, what on earth are you talking about?

E (getting impatient at this point): Mother, that sweater has green on it and if I don't wear it on Patrick's Birthday you and daddy will punch me!

Ah ha! Mommy interpretation finally kicking in here. She had worn that sweater last St. Patrick's Day and is now worried that she will get pinched if she does not have it anymore.

Glad we got that one cleared up before she blabbed that to anyone outside our house.


  1. Hahaha... I love it! Isn't it fun to translate kid-speak??

    When my daughter was little, we used to be able to pack up toys to donate by telling her that there was a little girl named Susie who lived at the donation place, and because Susie didn't have any toys, we had to give her some of ours. That worked until she was older, and then not so much. So now I just do the job when she's at school ;-)

  2. I like that trick! I'm going to try it with my son.

    From an early age my daughter has been quite torn apart when I try to give away anything. She doesn't mind volunteering her time to charity, just not her stuff. I think I'm going to have to work on that!


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