August 13, 2009

The Thumb...

Anyone know how to break the thumb sucking habit? I have a very good friend who sucked her thumb forever. I distinctly remember going to the pharmacy with said friend and her mom to get some sort of stuff that supposedly tasted awful when applied to the thumb. Back then, it was probably toxic as well. Anyway, my friend liked the taste of it and it didn't deter her from thumb sucking a bit.

Our daughter was a pacifier kid. She wasn't that hard to break of the habit either. She made it all very simple.

Our son is thumb sucker. He would not take the pacifier no matter what we did - all he wanted was his thumb. Luckily he only sucks his thumb when he is tired. He isn't an all day sucker like some children are and his dentist has said it is not harming his teeth yet. Even so, I'm wondering how we break this habit. Short of cutting Z's thumb off, I have no ideas. Apparently my father sucked his thumb until he was like 12 or something silly like that. There are many amazing qualities that I hope my son picks up from my father, but holding the Guinness Book of World records for longevity of thumb sucking is not one of them.

As much as I'd love to end the habit, I've got to say he looks pretty darn cute doing it.

Yes, he is sleeping on the floor in this photo - don't judge.


  1. Hey, my kids sleep wherever they fall asleep. I am NOT judging anyone!

    I only had pacifier kids, but babysat a little girl who was a thumb sucker. I've heard all sorts of ideas to get them to quit. Everything from hot sauce or icky stuff on their fingers to socks on their hands. If you can break him earlier, the better. My neighbor has had to buy devices for her oldest 3 kids (ages 9, 8 and 7) to break them of their thumb sucking! EXPENSIVE devices, I might add...

  2. Try Thumbuddy To Love to help stop thumb sucking. Recommended for ages 3-6. You can get it on or

  3. All great ideas! I am going to try them all - thank you for the thoughts! Sorry I haven't posted for so long - I've been on vacation with no access to internet and cell.


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