June 12, 2014

Idle time

We had an appraiser come by this morning as we are planning to do some remodeling and therefore are seeking a home equity line of credit.  Blah, blah boring.  Anyway, because she was coming by, my house is in serious tip top shape.  That, coupled with the baby sleeping, the big sister at a friend's house and middle child contentedly reading a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book - I found myself with NOTHING to do.  It was weird.

So I decided to make a 4th of July "wreath" for our front door.  This took about 10 minutes to complete and let's be honest, it looks like it took about 10 minutes to complete.  But it makes my door look less lonely and took up some brain power for a few minutes.

Please ignore those things that look like bullet holes in our door.  They aren't that - well at least I don't think so...

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